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An ergonomic shape of the Krantzland microwave popcorn bowl lets you make popcorn which opens fully without artificial flavors. It is the best air popcorn popper for making a healthy treat that the entire family and your friends will love. You can opt TO USE OIL/BUTTER or skip it entirely, making it perfect for those looking for popcorn poppers that use oil or poppers that can do WITHOUT OIL.


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Poporn Popper by Krantzland

Do you have a passion for carefully crafted kitchen accessories in order to offer your friends or your family exceptional popcorn?

If your answer is yes, then we have exactly what you need!

Our amazing bowl can be used when you like to watch movies and, why not, when you want to  give a nice party  -  with best popcorn and your favorite games. In the end you and your friends will be happy.  

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  • Cosmin

    Honestly I can't say anything bad about this popper, it's perfect for my family. It doesn't take much time to make your popcorn and no oil or anything needed, just popcorn. I washed it in the dishwasher and it folds easily after. I'm really happy that we purchased it and definitely recommend it if you want to make quick popcorn in the microwave.

  • Megan Walters

    Works great! The handles stay cool after use and it's super easy to clean. Makes the perfect amount for a few people to share over a movie!

  • Rody

    Great product!yummy popcorn! Easy to use, easy cleaning , easy storage. Great for healthy snacks lovers! I do recommend this to anyone looking for a healthy option of popcorn and even more. You can add your choice of salt, oil, chesse... whatever, and this thing does its job. Great investment!