How to decorate your kitchen for Christmas

Nov. 29, 2017, 2:52 p.m.

Because we all want to feel the Holiday feeling everywhere we go, we give you some ideas of how you should decorate your kitchen for this Christmas.

Here you’ll find some details of how to put some wreaths, accessories and even a tree. I’m sure that in the end, it will look stunning.

The Christmas Tree

No matter how big or small your kitchen might be, you can always find the perfect size tree for it. Pick a minion size to place on the countertop or windowsill if you lack space or opt for a ceiling high if your kitchen is as spacious as this pretty one by Wren Living. I find it a great holiday splurge to keep a small tree in every room during the holidays and that may come from my deep love of anything green and leafy anyway. Take into consideration, though, that open space interiors count for one. More than one tree in a single view frame can be a bit awkward, don't you think?

The Wreaths

evergreen wreaths can instantly bring a natural festive breeze inside the room. They can be found in all sizes and styles and are a bit more practical than the trees as can be adapted on any vertical surface, like wall, cabinetry or window, in groups or solo. Furthermore, they can be hung from the ceiling to form an eye-catching Christmas chandelier.

The Accessories

It’s always about accessories and quite frankly a kitchen is a perfect place inside a home to invest in pretty little accents that can be both beautiful and practical. Tea towels, mugs, bowls, trays, votives, straws and so much more to name play their role in the festive decoration of the kitchen as well as help you out with the Christmas entertaining. Open shelving proves a great option to showcase your holiday collection but, if you’d opted for closed cabinetry, you can always use the countertop or table for that matter.



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